Taking A Break

This blog has been my baby for quite some time now and I'm so proud of how far I've developed it. It might not be the best blog in the world but I produce posts about the things that I like and I hope you like them too!


UK Etsy Spotlight: Kaye Lime Pie*


This week's UK Etsy Spotlight focuses on Kaye Lime Pie. I've followed Kaye's shop on Instagram for a while and saw that she was hosting a giveaway for her September mystery kit. Who am I to resist a competition? Low and behold, I won!


My Autumn Shoedrobe

I'm not normally a Marilyn (I'm an Audrey girl) but she nailed it with this saying. Most women have an item of clothing or an accessory that they collect. For me, it's stripey tops, bow hair bobbles and shoes. You can be wearing the plainest outfit in the world and wearing a fabulous shoe can make all the difference.