The Body Shop Make-Up: First Impressions


I've avoided The Body Shop since as long as I can remember. I've always hated the smell of the shop and never come across a product that I've got along well with. Even though they're meant to be amazing for sensitive skin, every product I've ever had has reacted with my skin.


Skintifique Eczema Pack Review


Skincare has always been a difficult subject to me. When all my friends and colleagues are talking about these amazing, fragranced products they've tried, I'm sat there all quiet because I can't use them. I can't go into Lush and use their bath bombs whatsoever.



I have to admit: I'm a nosy person. I love reading personal blog posts by many of my favourite bloggers. I genuinely love getting to know the person behind the computer. I think tag posts are a great way of doing that!